Solution - Physical Significance of M.I (Moment of Inertia)



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A wheel of moment of inertia 1 Kgm 2 is rotating at a speed of 40 rad/s. Due to friction on the axis, the wheel comes to rest in l 0 minutes. Calculate the angular momentum of the wheel, two minutes before it comes to rest.


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A solid cylinder of uniform density of radius 2 cm has mass of 50 g. If its length is 12 cm, calculate its moment of inertia about an axis passing through its centre and perpendicular to its length.

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The moment of inertia of a thin uniform rod of mass M and length L, about an ¬∑axis passing through a point,midway between the centre and one end, perpendicular to its length is .





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State the theorem of parallel axes about moment of inertia.

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A body of moment of inertia 5 kgm2 rotating with an angular velocity 6 rad/s has the same kinetic energy as a mass of 20 kg moving with a velocity of ......

(a) 5 m/s

(b) 4 m/s

(c) 3 m/s

(d) 2 m/s

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A thin wire of length L and uniform linear mass density r is bent into a circular coil. M. I. of the coil about tangential axis in its plane is ................................

  1. `(3rhoL^2)/(8pi^2)`
  2. `(8pi^2)/(3rhoL^2)`
  3. `(3rhoL^3)/(8pi^2)`
  4. `(8pi^2)/(3rhoL^3)`


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