Solution - Periodic Trends in Physical Properties of Elements - Ionization Enthalpy



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The first ionization enthalpy values (in kJmol–1) of group 13 elements are :-

B Al Ga In Tl
801 577 579 558 589

How would you explain this deviation from the general trend?


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Which one of the following statements is incorrect in relation to ionization enthalpy?

(a) Ionization enthalpy increases for each successive electron.

(b) The greatest increase in ionization enthalpy is experienced on removal of electron from core noble gas configuration.

(c) End of valence electrons is marked by a big jump in ionization enthalpy.

(d) Removal of electron from orbitals bearing lower value is easier than from orbital having higher nvalue.

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Among the second period elements the actual ionization enthalpies are in the

order Li < B < Be < C < O < N < F < Ne.

Explain why O has lower Δithan N and F?

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How would you explain the fact that the first ionization enthalpy of sodium is lower than that of magnesium but its second ionization enthalpy is higher than that of magnesium?

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Energy of an electron in the ground state of the hydrogen atom is –2.18 × 10–18 J. Calculate the ionization enthalpy of atomic hydrogen in terms of J mol–1.

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What are the various factors due to which the ionization enthalpy of the main group elements tends to decrease down a group?

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