Past Continuous a Young Girl Was Kidnapped from the Main Street of Srutipur at 3 O’Clock Yesterday Afternoon. Chetan Was There at that Time. - English - Communicative

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Past Continuous
A young girl was kidnapped from the main street of Srutipur at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon. Chetan was there at that time.

The police interview Chetan to get an eyewitness account of the kidnapping. In pairs conduct the interview. One of you can play the role of Chetan and tell your partner, who plays the role of the police officer, what happened when the kidnapping occurred.



Question asked by student A Answer given by student B
what was the young man doing? he was driving a cycle down the street
what was the women doing? thw women with the child was looking intop the shop window
who was looking out of a window above the shop? a women was looking out of a window above the shop
what was the child doing? the child was pointing out at something in the window
whom were sitting at acounter of a shop? two young men were sitting there
what were they doing? they were taliking
who were waiting to cross the road ans where? many men wrere waiting to cross the road at zebra crossing
who was going into a shop selleng clocks? a middle aged men was going into a shop selleng clocks
what time was the clock striking? the clock was striking three clock


The police officer should ask as many relevant questions as possible to get a detailed account. Write the account in your notebooks.

Concept: Writing and Grammar
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Chapter 1.1: Verb Forms - Exercises [Page 6]


CBSE Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English
Chapter 1.1 Verb Forms
Exercises | Q 6 | Page 6


Now that you have enjoyed reading the story, answer the following question by choosing the correct option
Why did the grandmother touch her granddaughter's feet?

a) This is the other word for trembling
(b) This is used for smile
(c) You call a person this if he/she has pale gold coloured hair.
(d) This is a quality which relates to high energy and noise

(e) This is related to dancing or moving in a way that involves shaking your hips and shoulders
(f) This is to express a tendency to show violent and wild behaviour often causing damage
(g) We use it for a condition which is serious, uncertain and dangerous
(h) This is a state in which one is forced to stay in a closed space
(i) This is a medical condition involving bleeding in the brain
(j) It is a loud, deep shout to show anger.
(k) This is a condition when the rope or leash is stretched tightly

Answer the following question briefly.

Who was the passenger of chair No. 9? What did he suddenly do?

Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow by choosing the
correct options.

I offered to take her in here for a day or two, but she seemed to think it might distress
(a) The Bishop wanted to take Mere Grngoire in because _________.
(i) she was sick.
(ii) she had no money.
(iii) she was unable to pay the rent of her house.
(iv) she was a close friend of Persome.

(b) Persome would be distressed on Mere Gringoire's being taken in because
(i) she did not want to help anyone.
(ii) she felt that Mere Gringoire was taking undue advantage of the Bishop.
(iii) she was a self-centred person.
(iv) she would be put to a great deal of inconvenience.

Read the following excerpts from newspapers on various environmental issues.

Ban the Bag 
The Indus Valley Civilisation left beautifullycrafted pottery that speaks volumes of the advances its people made. After 3,000 years, if the ruins we leave behind are excavated, chances are only plastic bags would be dug up. It may sound like an exaggeration, but these bags are not biodegradable. Apart from causing emissions when these are manufactured, noxious fumes are released while these are being burnt or disposed off. So, be kind to Mother Earth the next time you go shopping for groceries, remember to carry a cloth bag with you. 

What India Should Do 
India has released the National Action Plan on Climate Change. Is it adequate? Is there more that the country can do? Here are some ways how we can make a difference. 

1) To promote the use of solar energy through solar photovoltaic and thermal systems for power generation .
2) To integrate other renewable energy technologies like biomass and wind. 

1) To mitigate GHG through sector-specific and cross-cutting technology and fuel switch options. 
2) To use more LNG and biomass fuels besides seeking tech transfer. 

1) To promote energy efficiency in the residential and commercial sectors through LPG use. 
2) To manage municipal solid waste and urban public transport in a better way. 

1) To promote efficient water use, augment supply in critical areas and ensure effective management of water resources. 
2) To have better management of surface and groundwater,and conserve wetlands. 

1) To enhance monitoring and conservation of the Himalayan ecosystems, empower local communities for management of ecological resources and promote sustainable tourism. 

1) To reduce fragmentation of forests, enhance public and private investments for plantation, upscale joint forestry management and promote conservation of biodiversity. Need to afforest degraded lands. 

1) To focus on four crucial areas - dry land agriculture, risk management, access to information and promoting the use of biotechnology. 
2) To develop drought and pest resistant varieties. 

In each sentence four words are underlined. One of them is incorrect. Pick out the incorrect words and write them in the answer space against the correct number:

  1. Music therapy use music to improve the patient’s health.
  2. It is used with individuals of all ages.
  3. It helps in curing a variety of medical problems as substance abuse and aging.
  4. It is also used to improve learning and reduces stress,

In groups of four prepare a questionnaire for a pilot who has survived the Bermuda Triangle. Use the hints given below.

  • Radar normal
  • No disturbances
  • Sudden communication failure
  • Strange occurrence (use any of the theories or myths you have just read about)

Look at the picture below and list some phrases and words that come to your mind when you look at it. 

Answer the following question by ticking the correct option. 

The Manor House stood out because of its _______________

Reporting 'Questions' and 'Requests'
The words in these sentences have been mixed up. Put them in the correct order. Direct questions (?) are followed by reported questions ( • ). Study the examples first.

Your seat comfortable is (?)
Is your seat comfortable?
Seat he if asked your comfortable was (•)
He asked if your seat was comfortable.

feeling are you better (?)
she if feeling better were asked you (•)
did kalias live where the (?)
asked he the kalias where lived (•)
they will be leaving when (?)
asked be he when they leaving would (•)
can open the please you window (?)
you open asked window could she whether the (•)
model how have finished that quickly so you (?)
that model quickly so how had finished they asked you (•)


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