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P, Q, R and S Are Four Major Types of Phytohormones. P is a Phytohormone Which Functions Mainly as a Growth Inhibitor. It Promotes the Wilting and Falling of Leaves. Q, R and S Are Phytohormones Which All Promote Growth of Plants in Various Ways. Q is Responsible for the Phenomenon of Phototropism in Plants. R is Involved Mainly in Shoot Extensions. the Phytohormone S Helps in Breaking the Dormancy of Seeds and Buds. What Are P, Q, R and S? Give One Reason Each for Your Choice. - Science

P, Q, R and S are four major types of phytohormones. P is a phytohormone which functions mainly as a growth inhibitor. It promotes the wilting and falling of leaves. Q, R and S are phytohormones which all promote growth of plants in various ways. Q is responsible for the phenomenon of phototropism in plants. R is involved mainly in shoot extensions. The phytohormone S helps in breaking the dormancy of seeds and buds. What are P, Q, R and S? Give one reason each for your choice.

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P is abscisic acid because it is antagonistic to growth and inhibits it.
Q is auxin because it causes bending of shoots towards the light.
R is gibberellins because it increases the cell division in a plant shoot and increases its length.
S is cytokinin because it breaks the dormancy of buds and seeds.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 2 Control and Coordination
Q 75 | Page 97
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