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P Mention the Composition, Properties and Uses of - Applied Chemistry 2

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Mention the composition, properties and uses of Duralumin: 

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i. Duralumin:
Aluminium (Al) = 95%
Copper (cu) = 4%
Manganese (mn) = 0.5%
Magnesium (mg) = 0.5%
1. It is light weighted, tough, highly, ductile, easily, castable, good conductor of heat and electricity and corrosion resistant.
2. It can easily be worked as it possesses high machinability. Its tensile strength can be raised by heat treatment, up to about 2000 kg-cm2 without affecting its ductility. It approaches steel in strength and yet its density is one third of steel.
Due to high strength with low density, it finds extensive use in aircraft industry in the form of a ‘clad’. It is also used in making surgical instruments, cables, fluorescent tube caps etc. It is also used in making automobile and locomotive parts because off its high ductility and good electrical conductivity.

Concept: Composite Materials - Characteristic properties of composite materials
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