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P Let V and E Be the Gravitational Potential and Gravitational Field at a Distance R from the Centre of a Uniform Spherical Shell. Consider the Following Two Statements: - Physics


Let V and E be the gravitational potential and gravitational field at a distance r from the centre of a uniform spherical shell. Consider the following two statements :

(A) The plot of V against r is discontinuous.
(B) The plot of E against r is discontinuous.


  • Both A and B are correct.

  • A is correct but B is wrong.

  • B is correct but A is wrong.

  • Both A and B are wrong.

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B is correct but A is wrong.

The plot of E against r is discontinuous as gravitational field inside the spherical shell is zero (r < R). The plot of V against r is a continuous curve for a uniform spherical shell. 

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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 11 Gravitation
MCQ | Q 7 | Page 224
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