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Solution for NeF2 Does Not Exist. - PUC Karnataka Science Class 12 - Chemistry

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Which one of the following does not exist?

(i) XeOF4 

(ii) NeF2

(iii) XeF2 

(iv) XeF6

Solution 1

NeFdoes not exist.

Solution 2

NeF2 does not exist. This is because the sum of first and second ionization enthalpies of Ne are much higher than those of Xe. Consequently, F2 can oxidise Xe to Xe2+ but cannot oxidise Ne to Ne2+.

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 NCERT Chemistry Textbook for Class 12 Part 1 (with solutions)
Chapter 7: The p-block Elements
Q: 37 | Page no. 208
Solution for question: NeF2 Does Not Exist. concept: P - Block Group 18 Elements - Concept of Group 18 Elements. For the courses PUC Karnataka Science, CBSE (Science)
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