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Solution - Halogens Coloured - CBSE (Science) Class 12 - Chemistry


Why are halogens coloured?

Solution 1

Almost all halogens are coloured. This is because halogens absorb radiations in the visible region. This results in the excitation of valence electrons to a higher energy region. Since the amount of energy required for excitation differs for each halogen, each halogen displays a different colour.

Solution 2

The halogens are coloured because their molecules absorb light in the visible region. As a result of which their electrons get excited to higher energy levels while the remaining light is transmitted. The color of halogens is the color of this transmitted light.

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 NCERT Chemistry Textbook for Class 12 Part 1 (with solutions)
Chapter 7: The p-block Elements
Q: 27 | Page no. 207

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Solution for question: Halogens Coloured concept: null - Concept of Group 17 Elements. For the courses CBSE (Science), CBSE (Arts), PUC Karnataka Science, CBSE (Commerce)