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Outline Your Role as an Active Citizen in Relation to Sanitation. - Science

Outline your role as an active citizen in relation to sanitation.

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Solution 1

A citizen has many responsibilities regarding sanitation. Among other things, an active citizen should do the following with regard to maintaining proper sanitation:

1) Ensure that his surroundings (both inside and outside home) are clean.

2) Ensure that the sewerage system in his house is properly managed.

3) If he notices some leakage or other problem in the sewerage system, he should report it to the municipality.

Solution 2

As active citizen we should take care of our personal environmental sanitation. We should make people aware of the benefits of sanitation. We should help municipal corporations to cover all the open drains and remove disease causing substances thrown in open

Concept: Sanitation at Public Places
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NCERT Class 7 Science
Chapter 18 Wastewater Story
Q 10 | Page 228
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