Out of the Two-Reuse and Recycle-Which, in Your Opinion, is Better to Practise? Give Reason. - Science

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Out of the two-reuse and recycle-which, in your opinion, is better to practise? Give reason.

"Reuse is better than recycling of materials". Give reason to justify this statement.

Why is reuse considered better than recycling?

Out of the two methods reuse and recycle which one would you suggest to practise and why?

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Solution 1

Reuse of materials is better than their recycling because recycling requires a large amount of energy and money. Reusing, on the other hand, preserves the embodied energy, which was originally used in manufacturing an item. Reusing also creates lesser air and water pollution than recycling.

Solution 2

Both reuse and recycle are the good choices.

Reuse:- If we reuse something then the cost of recycle will be saved.

Recycle:- It is not necessary that each and everything can be reused, so after getting recycled the life of the resource will be enhanced.

Concept: Case Study: Ganga Pollution and Ganga Action Plan
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Chapter 6: Management Of Natural Resources - Exercise [Page 258]

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