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Out of Solids, Liquids and Gases : (A) in Which Medium Sound Travels Slowest? (B) in Which Medium Sound Travels Fastest? - Science

One Line Answer

Out of solids, liquids and gases :
(a) in which medium sound travels slowest?
(b) in which medium sound travels fastest?

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In solids, the distances between the molecules are closer and thus the atoms are more densely packed than in gases and liquids. Therefore, the molecules quickly collide with one another and transfer the vibrational energy. Similarly, in liquids the molecules are closer to one another than in gases. Therefore, the following data is inferred:

(a) Sound travels slowest in gases.
(b) Sound travels fastest in solids.

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Lakhmir Singh Science Class 9 Physics
Chapter 5 Sound
Very Short Answers | Q 12 | Page 185
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