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Out of Nacl and Agcl, Which One Shows Frenkel Defect and Why? - Chemistry


Short Note

Out of NaCl and AgCl, which one shows Frenkel defect and why? 


The Frenkel defect is that in which one smaller ion (usually cations) move from its lattice position to an interstitial site i.e. a tetrahedral octahedral hole to form a vacancy in the lattice. Of course, AgCl has the defect because the size of AgCl is intermediate and since the size of Ag+ cation is smaller than chloride ion so it can move to interstitial spaces causing Frenkel to defect while in NaCl (alkali metal halide) they have a larger size of cations which do not fit into voids and so the defect is not shown by the alkali metal halides. 

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