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Our Daughter Will Be Three Years Old Next Week. Our Son Will Be Two-years-old Next Week. Our Two-year-old is Starting to Talk. Our Two Year Old is Starting to Talk. - English Language



Choose the sentence (s) which is/ are punctuated correctly. 

  1. Our daughter will be three years old next week.
  2. Our son will be two-years-old next week.
  3. Our two-year-old is starting to talk.
  4. Our two year old is starting to talk.


  • I, III

  • I and IV

  • II, III

  • III


I and III 'Two year old' (without hyphens) is a predicative adjective form. So, I is correct and II, incorrect. 'Two-year-old' (with hyphens) is an attributive adjective form which is used before a noun; its noun is understood in the context. So, III is correct, and IV incorrect.
Hence, I and III are the correct answers.

Concept: Incorrect/Correct Sentences (Entrance Exams)
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