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Distinguish Between Ape and Man. - HSC Science (General) 12th Board Exam - Biology

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Distinguish between ape and man.

Mention any ‘one’ skeletal difference between ape and man.


  Ape   Man
1 Apes possess a prognathous face, slanting forehead and snout protruded with a flat nose. 1 Humans possess an orthognathous face, high forehead, dome shaped skull and elevated nose.
2 They have a cranial capacity of 400–600 c.c. 2 They have a cranial capacity of approximately 1450 c.c.
3 The chin is absent. 3 A prominently developed chin.
4 Locomotion is quadrupedal. 4 Locomotion is bipedal.
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Solution Distinguish Between Ape and Man. Concept: Origin and Evolution of Man.
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