Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Organising and Coordinating. - Organisation of Commerce and Management

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Organising and Coordinating.

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  Organising Coordinating
1. Meaning Organizing is the process of defining and grouping the activities of the organization. Co-ordinating is a process to establish communicate, inspire and motivate employees to achieve organizational objectives.
2. Objective The main objective is to identify and bring together all the resource. The main objective is ensure unity of efforts of the employees and smooth functioning of the organization.
3. Area of Function It includes Identification of the activities Grouping of related activities. It includes Top Level Management Middle Level Management Lower Level Management
4. Factors internal and external factors are considered for making arrangement of resources It is concerned with Internal factor
5. Order
It following planning, resources are organized as per the Planning
It is an important element of organizing It follows Planning.
6. Resources All the resources needed are arranged i.e. men, machine, methods, material and money. It is related with Human Resources. It is an integrated effort.
7Targets Al the resources are arranged to achieve targets. Internal Co-ordination among employees is must to achieve the desired results.
8. Nature It takes place till the time all the resources are collected It is a process where only people are concerned so continuity is needed.
9. Levels of Management Top level management and middle level managers are related with organizing of resources. All the level i.e. top to middle to the lower co-ordination is required to achieve targets.
Concept: Management Functions
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