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One Side of a Rhombus is of Length 4 Cm and the Length of an Altitude is 3.2 Cm. Draw the Rhombus. - Mathematics

One side of a rhombus is of length 4 cm and the length of an altitude is 3.2 cm. Draw the rhombus.

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1. Draw a line segment AB of 4 cm.
2. Draw a perpendicular XY on AB, which intersects AB at P.
3. With P as centre, cut PE at 3.2 cm.
4. Draw a line WZ that passes through E. This line should be parallel to AB.
5. With A as centre, draw an arc of radius 4 cm that cuts WZ at D.
6. With D as centre and radius 4 cm, cut line DZ. Label it as point C.
4. Join AD and CB.

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RD Sharma Class 8 Maths
Chapter 17 Understanding Shapes-III (Special Types of Quadrilaterals)
Exercise 17.2 | Q 9 | Page 17
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