One of the Predictable Difficulties You Can Expect to (A) Encounter (B) Counter When You Go to a Different Country to Study Or Work is Language. but Difficulties May Also Result from - English Language

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In the following sentence, there are pairs of highlighted words (A, B). Select the most appropriate words to form correct sentences. Then from the options given select the correct option.
One of the predictable difficulties you can expect to (A) encounter (B) counter when you go to a different country to study or work is language. But difficulties may also result from (A) culture (B) cultural differences, which are often less (A) conscious (B) obvious at first and can be unexpected. (A) Dutch academic was one of the first persons to propose an (A) influential (B) dire theory of cultural (A) diversity (B) division.

The correct sequence should be:






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ABBAA is the correct option.

1st sentence: 'encounter' means 'come across'; while 'counter' means 'to oppose' 
2nd sentence: 'differences' is a noun which needs an adjective for the desired meaning. 'Culture' is itself a noun.
3rd sentence: 'conscious’ means ‘aware’ but the meaning required here is ‘very clear’ or understood’ or ‘obvious’
4th sentence: The academic proposed an ‘influential’ theory - which had an effect on society - rather than’ dire’ or horrible theory.
5th sentence: cultural diversity, rather than cultural division is a theory

Concept: Para-jumbles (Entrance Exam)
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