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One of the Following is Not a Direct Stakeholder in the Management (Or Conservation) of Forests. this is : (A) the People Who Have Paper Mills. (B) the People Who Run the Forest Department (C) the People Who Campaign for the Conservation of Forests (D) the People Who Live in Urban Areas - Science

One of the following is not a direct stakeholder in the management (or conservation) of forests. This is :
(a) the people who have paper mills.
(b) the people who run the forest department
(c) the people who campaign for the conservation of forests
(d) the people who live in urban areas

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(d) the people who live in urban areas
People living in urban areas do not directly contribute in the management of forests. Thus, they are not the direct stakeholders.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 6 Management Of Natural Resources
Q 44 | Page 259
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