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On the Outline Map of India Provided : - Geography


On the outline map of India provided :

(a) Mark and name the northernmost point of the Indian Union.
(b) Mark and label the Nilgiri Hills.
(c) Shade and label the Gulf of Khambat.
(d) Trace the course and label the river Mahanadi.
(e) Show with a single arrow and name the wind that brings rain over the coast of Tamil Nadu, during winters.
(f) Locate with a dot and name the capital city of Rajasthan.
(g) Mark and name the Nathula Pass.
(h) Mark and name the oldest oil-field of India.
(i) Mark with a dot and name the major port of Andhra Pradesh.
(j) Mark and label the hinterland of Chennai.

Note: All the map work, including legend (Index), should be done on the map sheet only.

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Concept: Map List
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