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On the Outline Map of India Provided : (A) Mark and Name the Major River Which Flows (B) Mark and Label the Thal Ghat Gap in the Western Ghats. - Geography


On the outline map of India provided :

(a) Mark and name the major river which flows
(b) Mark and label the Thal Ghat gap in the Western Ghats.
(c) Shade and label the 68°7’E longitude.
(d) Mark the Khasi hills. industrial purposes.
(e) Shade and name the main area of Arid forests.
(f) Mark the capital city of Bihar.
(g) Shade and name the main state for the cultivation of jute.
(h) Mark the Kalpakkam Nuclear Power station.
(i) Mark and name the first oil refinery of India.
(j) Trade the North-South Corridor and name anyone terminal city. through Assam.
Note: All the map work, including legend (Index), should be done on the map sheet only.

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