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On the Outline Map of the Indian Sub-continent Provided to You at the End of this Question Paper: - Geography


On the outline map of the Indian sub-continent provided to you at the end of this question paper:

(i) Mark with a bold line and label:
(a) The Karakoram Range.
(b) The Eastern Ghats.
(c) The Nilgiris
(ii) Shade and name one region for the : Black soil.
(iii) Mark and label:
(a) The Khyber Pass
(b) The capital city of Assam.
(c) River Godavari.
(iv) (a) Identify, shade and name:
(1) A region of sparse population (less than 50 pp sq.) in North-Eastern India.
(2) A region of ‘Equatorial Forests’.
(b) Mark with one long arrow, the direction of the Summer Monsoon over the Bay of Bengal.

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Concept: Concept of Outline Map of India
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 Geography
Chapter 2 Map of India
Map plotting | Q 8
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