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On an Island ‘Neverland’ the Inhabitants Always Answer Any Question with Two Sentences – One of Which is Always True and the Other Always False. - Logical Reasoning


Read the question below very carefully and choose the correct answer.
On an island ‘Neverland’ the inhabitants always answer any question with two sentences – one of which is always true and the other always false.   
Perhaps due to this peculiar habit, there’s been a high rate of suicides on the island. As a doctor, you have to identify potentially suicidal people and counsel them. You know that all people who are suicidal feel that life is futile. On questioning three  inhabitants, these are the answers you get:   
Anuj: Himanshu is suicidal. I am not suicidal   
Himanshu: I do not want to die. Akshay does not want to die   
Akshay: Life is futile. I am suicidal.

Who among the three is suicidal?


  • Akshay

  • Himanshu

  • Himanshu and Akshay

  • None of these

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Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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