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"Oh, Oh, Oh; Oh, Oh ..." Patol Babu Began Giving the Exclamation a Different Inflection Each Time He Uttered It: After Doing It a Number of Times He Made an Astonishing Discovery. (A) Why Did Patol Babu Repeat the Word, `Oh' Over and Over Again '? - English - Communicative

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"Oh, oh, oh; oh, oh ..." Patol Babu began giving the exclamation a different inflection each time he uttered it: After doing it a number of times he made an astonishing discovery.

(a) Why did Patol Babu repeat the word, `oh' over and over again '?

(b) What 'astonishing discovery' did he make?

(c) What does the word, 'uttered' mean?

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a) Patol babu repeated the word ‘oh’ over and over again because he wanted to make the most of the opportunity he had received and squeeze every last drop of meaning out of the role that was given to him.

b) Patol Babu made an astonishing discovery that the same exclamation, when spoken in different ways carried different shades of meaning.

c) The word ‘uttered’ means ‘said something’.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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