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Offices in Delhi Are Open for Five Days in a Week (Monday to Friday). Two Employees of an Office Remain Absent for One Day in the Same Particular Week. Find the Probability that - Mathematics


Offices in Delhi are open for five days in a week (Monday to Friday). Two employees of an office remain absent for one day in the same particular week. Find the probability that they remain absent on: 

the same day

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Total number of possible outcomes=`5xx5=25` 

The possible outcomes are : 


Favorable outcome for two employees remaining absennt on same day are: MM,TT,WW,ThTh,FF 

Number of favorable outcome = 5 

P(same day) `= 5/25=1/5`

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Selina Concise Maths Class 10 ICSE
Chapter 25 Probability
Exercise 25 (C) | Q 30.1 | Page 396
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