Of the three numbers, the first is one-third of the second and twice the third. The average of these numbers is 27. The largest of these numbers is - Mathematics


Of the three numbers, the first is one-third of the second and twice the third. The average of these numbers is 27. The largest of these numbers is


  • 18

  • 36

  • 54

  • 108





Let the three numbers be a, b and c.

According to the question,

`"a"=1/3"b",` .......(b = 3a)

a = 2c  .............(c = a/2)

and `("a"+"b"+"c")/3=27`

⇒ a  + 3a + `"a"/2`= 27 × 3

⇒ 9a = 27 × 3 × 2

Concept: Ratio and Proportion (Entrance Exam)
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The ratio of two numbers is 4:5. But, if each number is increased by 20, the ratio becomes 6:7. The sum of such numbers is:

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