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Of Course, Modern Postal Services Now Are Much More Sophisticated and Faster, Relying as They Do on Motor Vehicles and Planes for Delivery. - English Language

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The five paragraphs given below have all had their constituent sentences jumbled. Read each jumbled passage carefully and then pick the option in which the best sequence is shown.

  1. Of course, modern postal services now are much more sophisticated and faster, relying as they do on motor vehicles and planes for delivery.

  2. Indeed, the ancient Egyptians had a system for sending letters from about 2000 BC, as did the Zhou dynasty in China a thousand years later.

  3. Letters were, and are, sent by some form of postal service, the history of which goes back a long way.

  4. For centuries, the only form of written correspondence was the letter.
    The best sequence is:


  • ii, i, iii, iv

  • iv, i, iii, ii 

  • iv, iii, ii, i

  • iii, i, iv, ii

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Option (iv) a general statement serves as the introductory statement to the paragraph correctly. Option (iii) elaborates the fact and opens up further information in option (ii). Option (i) comparing the past with the recent development serves as the concluding sentence.
iv, iii, ii, i is the correct option.

Concept: Para-jumbles (Entrance Exam)
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