Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 9th Standard
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Obtain Some Information About the Foreign Tours of the President and the Prime Minister. - History and Political Science

Answer in Brief

Obtain some information about the foreign tours of the President and the Prime Minister.

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Foreign tours of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India has been numerous. He has visited USA over 5 times as well as the major powers like France, Germany, China and Russia. He has visited to promote economic, diplomatic and cultural relations.

Foreign tours of Ramnath Kovind, President of India has been much lesser that that of the PM. He has visited Mauritius, Madagascar, Zambia etc. with the aim of increasing specific relations with these nations.

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Balbharati Social Science History and Political Science 9th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2.5 India and Other Countries
Projects | Q 1 | Page 90
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