Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 8th Standard
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Observe the Number Line and Answer the Questions. - Mathematics


Observe the number line and answer the questions.

(1) Which number is indicated by point B? 

(2) Which point indicates the number `1 3/4` ?

(3) State whether the statement, ‘the point D denotes the number `5/2`’ is true or false. 

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(1) We observe that each unit on the number line is divided into 4 equal parts.
Now, B is the tenth point on the left of 0.
So , B indicates `- 10/4` on the number line.

(2) `1 3/4 = 7/4 = 7 xx 1/4`
So , the  seventh point on the right of 0 is C that indicates `1 3/4` on the number line.

(3) The point D is the tenth point on the right of 0. So, D indicates `10/4` on the number line.

Now , `10/4 = 5/2`

So , D denotes `5/2` on the number line . Hence , the given statement is true . 

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Balbharati Mathematics 8th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1 Rational and Irrational numbers
Practice Set 1.1 | Q 2 | Page 2
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