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Observe the Images ‘A’ and ‘B’ and Answer the Following Questions. - Science and Technology 2

Observe the images ‘A’ & ‘B’ and answer the following questions.

i) Which disasters are shown in the images?
ii) Which primary precautions will you take in case of disaster shown in ‘A’?
iii) Which type of first-aid is offered to the injured peoples in disaster ‘B’?

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i) Earthquake is shown in the image ‘A’ whereas fire is shown in ‘B’.
ii) Precautions to be taken during earthquake- Do not helter-skelter, be calm, hide below the table / cot, switch-off the power supply, use torch if necessary instead of lamps burning fossil fuels. Stay in the vehicle if in journey; do not stop near building / trees / electric poles.
iii) If fire is caught by clothing of victim, douse it with water, wash the burn-wounds with clean water, offer water to drink, clean the wounds with antiseptic solution, cover it with clean, dry bandage, contact the doctor.

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