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Observe the Following Graph. Considering the Change in Volume of Water as Its Temperature is Raised from 0°C, Discuss the Difference in the Behaviour of Water and Other Substances. What is this - Science and Technology 1

Observe the following graph. Considering the change in volume of water as its temperature is raised from 0°C, discuss the difference in the behaviour of water and other substances. What is this behaviour of water called?

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Most of the substances expand on heating and contract on cooling. Whereas, from the graph, it is clearly visible that water shows a distinct and peculiar behavior between 0oC to 4oC. Water, instead of expanding, contracts between 0oC to 4oC. After 4oC, it shows the normal behavior of expansion as is shown by other substances. Thus, at 4oC, water posses maximum density and minimum volume. 
This behavior of water between 0oC to 4oC is known as anomalous behavior of water.

Concept: Anomalous behaviour of water
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