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Observe the Following Figure and Answer the Questions : - Science and Technology 2


Observe the following figure and answer the questions :

(a) Identify the process shown in the figure. 
(b) Explain the process in short.

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(a) Modern land filling site
(b) Process :
1). Degradable waste being accumulated in urban areas is used for this purpose.
2). Large pits are dug in open spaces far away from the residential area and those pits are lined with plastic sheets as a precaution against pollution of soil due to leaching of toxic and harmful materials.
3). Compressed waste is dumped in the pit. It is covered with layers of soil, saw dust, leafy waste and specific biochemicals. Bioreactors are mixed at some places.
4). Microbes present in soil and other top layers decompose the waste. Completely filled pit is sealed with soil slurry.
5). Best quality compost is formed after few days. Such land filling sites can be reused after removal of compost.

Concept: Applied Microbiology
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