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An element crystallises in a b.c.c lattice with cell edge of 500 pm. The density of the element is 7.5g cm-3. How many atoms are present in 300 g of the element?


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A unit cell of iron crystal has edge length 288 pm and density 7.86 Find the number of atoms per unit cell and type of the crystal lattice.

Given : Molar mass of iron = 56 g.mol-1; Avogadro's number NA = 6.022 x 1023.

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How many atoms constitute one unit cell of a face-centered cubic crystal?

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Face centred cubic crystal lattice of copper has density of 8.966 Calculate the volume of the unit cell. Given molar mass of copper is 63.5 g mol-1 and Avogadro number Nis 6.022 x 1023 mol-1

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Distinguish between Face-centred and end-centred unit cells.

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What is the coordination number of atoms:

(a) in a cubic close-packed structure?

(b) in a body-centred cubic structure?

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