Now Write Three Situations Similar to (A) in the Box. Exchange the Information with Your Partner and Guess the Answer to Each Other'S Situations as in (B). - English - Communicative

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Now write three situations similar to (a) in the box. Exchange the information with your partner and guess the answer to each other's situations as in (b).

Question 1.
My dog is barking angrily and is trying to get loose.

Question 2.
The car is making a curious noise.

Question 3.
Satish enters breathing heavily.
Satish enters breathing heavily.





(1) (a) Perhaps someone has been knocking at the door.
(b) I think some passer-by has been throwing stones at it.

(2) (a) I think it has been running without water.
(b) I think it has been running without mobil-oil.

(3) (a) I imagine he has been suffering from some disease.
(b) I think he has been running fast.

Concept: Writing and Grammar
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Chapter 1.1: Verb Forms - Exercises [Page 11]


CBSE Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English
Chapter 1.1 Verb Forms
Exercises | Q 12.2 | Page 11


Based on your reading of the story, answer the following question by choosing
the correct option.

The narrator says that life has no geographical bounds implying that,

Answer the following question briefly.
 One day last summer the author was travelling to Pittsburg by chair car. What does he say about his co-passengers?

Answer the following question briefly.

Describe the two roads that the poet comes across.

Answer the following question.

 Why is the rain divine?

Answer the following question.

How do you think the rain quenches the thirst of the fields and cures the ailments of the
clouds ?

Answer the following question by ticking the correct option :
What was the tiger's counter-argument? 

Simple passive

Present Passive: “Where are they made?”

Match the words from columns A, B, C, and D to produce factually correct sentences. Write your answer in full sentences. (Remember to make your subject and verb “agree”.)

e.g. Coffee is grown in Brazil.

Oranges   produced in Brazil.
Wine   worn in Switzerland.
Maruti cars are eaten in Malaysia.
Coffee   manufactured in France.
The most ex­pensive watches is grown in India.
Uranium   mined in the Middle East.
Satay     South Africa.
Deshdashes     Morocco.

Listen to the following conversation adapted from 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' by J. K. Rowling. 
While your teacher reads the excerpt, complete the following statements. 

Aunt Petunia : Wizard, indeed! 
Hany Potter : You knew? You knew I'm a - a wizard? 
Aunt Petunia : (shouting angrily) Knew! Knew! Of course we knew! How cold you not be, my dratted sister being what she was? Oh, she got a letter just like that and disappeared off to that - that school - and came home every holiday with her pockets full of frog-spawn, turning teacups into rats. I was the only one who saw her for what she was - a freak! But for my mother and father, oh no, it was Lily this and Lily that, they were proud of having a witch in the family! (Drawing a deep breath) Then she met that Potter at school and they left and got married and had you, and of course I knew you'd be just the same, just as strange, just as - as - abnormal - and then, if you please, she went and got herself blown up and we got landed with you!' 
Harry Potter : (Listens in shocked silence). Blown up? You told me they died in a car crash!' 
Hagrid : (Angrily) CAR CRASH! (Jumping to his feet) How could a car crash kill Lily an' James Potter? It's an outrage! A scandal! Harry Potter not knowin' his own story when every kid in our world knows his name!' 
Harry Potter : But why? What happened? 
Hagrid : (Anxiously) I never expected this. I had no idea, when Dumbledore told me there might be trouble gettin' hold of yeh, how much yeh didn't know. Ah, Hany, I don' know if I'm the right person to tell yeh - but someone's gotta -yeh can't go off to Hogwarts not knowin'. Well, it's best yeh know as much as I can tell yeh - mind, I can't tell yeh everthin', It's a great mystry, parts of it ... ' (Hagrid pauses for a moment. Sound of chair being dragged). It begins, I suppose, with - with a person called - but it's incredible yeh don't know his name, everyone in our world knows-' 
Harry Potter : Who ?
Hagrid : Well - I don't like sayin' the name if I Can help it . No one does .
Harry Potter : Why not ?
Hagrid : Gulpin' gargoyles, Harry, people are still scared. Blimey, this is difficult. See, there was this wizard who went ... bad. As bad as you could go. Worse than worse. His name was .... (Hagrid gulps but no word comes out). 
Harry Potter : Could you write it down ?
Hagrid : (in a whisper) Nah - can't spell it. All right - Voldemort. (shudders) Don't make me say it again. Anyway, this - this wizard, about twenty years ago now, started lookin' fer followers. Got 'em, too - some were afraid, some 
just wanted a bit o' his power, "cause he was gettin' himself power, all right. Dark days, Harry. Didn't know who to trust, didn't dare get friendly with strange wizards or witches .. Terrible things happened. He was takin' over.' Course, some stood up to him - an' he killed" em. Horribly. One o' the only safe places left was Hogwarts. Reckon Dumbledore's the only one You-Know-Who was afraid of. Didn't dare try takin' the school, not jus' then, anyway. Now, yer mum an' dad were as good a witch an' wizard as I ever knew. Head Boy an' Girl at Hogwarts in their day! Suppose the myst'ry is why You-Know-Who never tried to get 'em on his side before ... probably knew they were too close to Dumbledore to want anythin' to do with the Dark Side. Maybe thought he could persuade 'em .. maybe he just wanted 'em outta the way. All anyone knows is, he turned up in the village where you was all living, on Hallowe'en ten years ago. You was just a year old. He came toyer house an' - an'-' (Blows nose with a sound like a foghorn). Soriy. But it's that sad - knew yer mum an' dad, an' nicer people yeh couldn't find - anyway"You-Know-Who" killed 'em. An' then - an' this is the real myst'ry of the thing - he tried to kill you, too. Wanted to make a clean job of it, I suppose, or maybe he just liked killin' by then. But he couldn't do it. Never wondered how you got that mark on yer forehead? That was no ordinary cut. That's what yeh get when a powerful, evil curse touches yeh - took care of yer mum an' dad an' yer house, even - but it didn't work on you, an' that's why yer famous, Harry. No one ever lived after he decided to kill' em, no one except you, an' he'd killed some o' the best witches an' wizards of the age - the McKinnons, the Bones, the Prewetts an' your parents Harry. 

1. Aunt Petunia did not like her sister and brother-in-law as ____________
2. Harry's mother had met his father at _______________
3. Harry had been told that his parents had ___________This was not the truth as ____________
4. The name of the Wizard who killed Harry Potter's parents was __________
5. Hagrid was reluctant to name _______ and called him _______
6. Harry got the scar on his forehead when _________

Past passive –

“Where was it made?”

Look at what your partner is wearing. Imagine where the various items of clothing were (or might have been) made, and tell your partner. Use your imagination!

e.g. A : Was your shirt made in France ?
B : No, actually it was made in Brazil.

Adjectives and Prepositions
Look at the table below. Decide which of the adjectives in Column A commonly go with which preposition. Tick the table as shown. (There may be more then one tick for each adjective).

A at to about for


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