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Now, Write a Letter to Your School Going Younger Brother Or Sister Who is Sleep Deprived. Advise Him Or Her to Make Life Style Changes to His/Her Daily Schedule - English Core

Answer in Brief

Now, write a letter to your school going younger brother or sister who is sleep deprived. Advise him or her to make life style changes to his/her daily schedule in order to get the desired hours of sleep daily.
Work in pairs and follow the CODER (Collect, Organize, Draft, Edit, Review) steps recommended for writing.

Language Tips :
(a) Remember to use the imperative form of sentences mostly.
E.g. “Drink a lot of water and take at least a fifteen minute stroll after dinner on a regular basis.”

(b) For the sake of introducing variety into your writing, use other forms of sentences making statements or asking questions, but consider the possibility of using modals like “should”, “must”, “may”, “might”, etc or using words or expressions that we usually employ when we advise others.
E.g. “You are recommended / advised to ……………… ”
“You ought to…”
“You must not forget to…”
“It is important to…”

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98-Sector 14A 
Rohini, New Delhi 
15 September ,20--

My dear Anil 

I hope everything at your end is fine . I have learnt that you have started being sleep deprived due to various reasons . It is really very sad to know . There may be some valid reasons. However, I am sure if you change your life style , you can remain healthy.

First of all , I would say that sleep deprivation may be called the mother of all diseases . Leaving the reasons behind is aside you must think more of changing your daily routine . For instance, you must go to bed and rise at fixed times. Eat a balanced diet . Avoid junk food , avoid eating street food . Take plenty of water . Dwell more on eating your homemade food . Play for some time in between doing your homework . Don't view television for I longer hours. Avoid sitting before  the computer  for hours together and in one posture . Snatch a few  minutes in between , if you have to use it , and stretch your body .Avoid the effect of ant peer competition , Stop giving a long rope to unrealistic goals. 

I am sure if you goal  with a strict regularity you'll enjoy a sound sleep . you'll also succeed in your goals. 

Yours sincerely 







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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative (Main Course Book Interact in English)
Chapter 1.1 Do Indians Get Enough Sleep?
Q 3 | Page 6
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