Now, Work Individually, and with the Help of the Information in the Box Below, Write Six Appropriate Sentences. - English - Communicative

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Now, work individually, and with the help of the information in the box below, write six appropriate sentences.

  H P R
Mrs Sharma fever Palatial house brother-in-law living with them
Shyam Sound health Personal computer dog


  1. Mrs. Sharma has high fever.
  2. Mrs. Sharma has a palatial house.
  3. Mrs. Sharma has a brother-in-law living with her family.
  4. Shyam has sound health.
  5. Shyam has a personal computer.
  6. Shyam has a dog.
Concept: Writing and Grammar
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Chapter 1.1: Verb Forms - Exercises [Page 8]


CBSE Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English
Chapter 1.1 Verb Forms
Exercises | Q 8.1 | Page 8


Answer the following question:

What was strange about the manner in which Mrs. Bramble addressed her son? What did he feel about it?

Complete the web chart showing choices and decisions you may have to make in the next few years and the factors that affect these choices:

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Literature Chapter 7 The Road Not Taken 1

Share your choices and decisions with your partner.

Answer the following question.

"I am like earthly life … "
Why does the poet compare rain to earthly life?

Answer the following question.

"If you got a tooth, you got a friend", what do you understand from the line?

Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow by choosing the
correct options.

I offered to take her in here for a day or two, but she seemed to think it might distress
(a) The Bishop wanted to take Mere Grngoire in because _________.
(i) she was sick.
(ii) she had no money.
(iii) she was unable to pay the rent of her house.
(iv) she was a close friend of Persome.

(b) Persome would be distressed on Mere Gringoire's being taken in because
(i) she did not want to help anyone.
(ii) she felt that Mere Gringoire was taking undue advantage of the Bishop.
(iii) she was a self-centred person.
(iv) she would be put to a great deal of inconvenience.

Imagine that you are conducting a research on the conservation of a few animal species in India. You have been asked by the Wildlife Trust of India to prepare a report on the future of the YAK that lives in the Ladakh region of the Himalayan mountains . In groups of four, discuss the issue and make notes for your report. Refer to the Question 2 and the information in the box given here. 

                          DOMESTIC YAK
herd animals 2-2.2 m tall
used in sports
kept for milk , fur , fibre , meat , drawing ploughs etc

                                  WILD YAK 
length:3-3. 4m 
habitat: treeless uplands 
killed for food 
insulated from cold by dense, close matted under hair , shaggy outer hair
hunted for similar reasons as the domestic ones

Within your group, discuss 
• What is the problem? How has it arisen? 
• What is the best way to preserve these species? 
• Why do we need to preserve these species? 
• What values need to be inculcated in the hearts of human beings? Why? 
• What actions would you recommend to the World Wildlife Federation? 
• How is global warming affecting these species? 

This is an account of Sir James' flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Complete the following using words from Question 1. 

Captain James was enjoying the (a) ______ party hosted by his neighbour Mr. Samuel. Suddenly, he got a call from his boss who wanted him to fly across the Atlantic with a reputably renowned investigator to (b) _________into the (c) ____ of an heiress. He immediately got ready for the assignment. While intializing the flight he checked the radar controllers. He found that routine traffic was proceeding undisturbed, in their (d)_______ . There was no difficulty in the (e) and he (f) ____. All of a sudden there was a (g)______ and communication was abruptly cut off. He checked the radar screen and it was moving (h)________ . He experienced a strange (i)___________ . He stepped into a mist and claimed to arrive at a time period after the French- Revolution. However, his U) ____ theory was not convincing. He claimed that he just remembered being (k) ____ in a big cloud. Nevertheless, people were happy to see him return after a month. 

Rearrange the jumbled words to form meaningful sentences.

(a) at developing / there have been / a modern / many attempts / snowboard
(a) ______________________________________

(b) was developed / a child’s toy / in 1965 / the ‘Snurfer’ / as
(b) ______________________________________

(c) and a rope / at the / two skiis / were bound / was placed / front end / together
(c) ______________________________________

(d) declared / snowboarding / in 1994 / was / event / an Olympic
(d) ______________________________________

(e) across the globe / is a / this recognition / huge victory / snowboarders / to the
(e) ______________________________________

Fill in the empty bubbles in Column C with reports of what was said in Column A, as in the box given above.

In pairs, choose one topic from the table in Question 3. Imagine that you and your parents are expressing your views on the topic. Use your notes from the table and write the dialogue that would take place. Make it funny! Share your dialogue with the rest of the class. 


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