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Explain why NH3 is basic while BiH3 is only feebly basic. - Chemistry

Explain why NH3 is basic while BiH3 is only feebly basic.

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NH3 is distinctly basic while BiH3 is feebly basic.

Nitrogen has a small size due to which the lone pair of electrons is concentrated in a small region. This means that the charge density per unit volume is high. On moving down a group, the size of the central atom increases and the charge gets distributed over a large area decreasing the electron density. Hence, the electron donating capacity of group 15 element hydrides decreases on moving down the group.

Concept: P - Block Group 15 Elements - Oxides of Nitrogen
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NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 7 The p-block Elements
Q 11 | Page 207
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