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Nformation Transfer (Non-verbal to Verbal) 'Transfer the Following Information into a Paragraph Form. Manuscripts Collected from Both Students and Teachers. - English

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Short Note

A1. Information Transfer (Non-verbal to verbal)

         'Transfer the following information into a paragraph form.

           Manuscripts collected from both students and teachers.


  Throughly screened, necessary additions, alterations. omissions are made.


                                 Preparing a rough draft


              Manuscripts along with a dummy sent to the printer


                                      Proof correction


                                  Sent for final printing


A2. Here are some tips about keeping healthy as given in a Science magazine. Read and
write in the form of Do's and Don'ts (table):

You must include vegetables and fruits in your diet and drink a lot of water. You should avoid junk food and aerated water. You shouldn't sit for long period of time. Rather you should exercise regularly. You shouldn't ignore the importance of good breathing habits. Try breathing deeply whenever you think of it. See to it that you leep for at least 7 hour a day. In fact, you should avoid irregular timings.

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Manuscripts are collected from both students and teachers. They are thoroughly screened and edited, where necessary additions, alterations and omissions are made to the copy. A rough draft is then prepared after which the manuscript is sent to the printer along with a dummy. Then comes the stage of proof correction. After the corrections are made and the manuscript is proofread, it is sent for final printing.


Do Don’t
Include vegetables and fruits in the diet Consume junk food
Drink a lot of water Sit for long periods of time
Exercise regularly Ignore importance of good breathing habits
Try deep breathing sleep at irregular timings
Get at least 7 hours of sleep Drink aerated water
Concept: Writing Skill
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