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New words library, wide, galore, skinny, shelves, wonderful - English

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Answer in Brief

New words

library, wide, galore, skinny, shelves, wonderful

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  1. Library: a room containing collection of books Example sentences: 1) I have a library near my house. 2) There is an outstanding collection of books in our school library.

  2. Wide: to a great extent Example sentences: 1) The old man was walking on a wide road. 2) His eyes opened wide after hearing the news.

  3. Galore: in abundance Example sentences: 1) There were chocolates galore for everything. 2) Daffodils galore in my garden.

  4. Skinny: very thin Example sentences: 1) Reena has skinny legs. 2) The hockey players of our team were very skinny.

  5. Shelves: a support for holding objects Example sentences: 1) There were five books on the shelves. 2) The shelves was broken.

  6. Wonderful: something that gives pleasure Example sentences: 1) She was looking wonderful in the party. 2) The principal gave a wonderful response after the function.

Concept: Poetry (Class 4)
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NCERT English - Marigold Class 4 Cbse
Chapter 8.1 Books
Exercise | Q 1. | Page 135
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