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New words

hour, watering, noonday, boots, soak, heat



  1. Hour: sixty minutes Example sentences: 1) There is an hour left for the examination to start. 2) I reached my friend’s home an hour before.

  2. Watering: making something wet Example sentences: 1) My grandfather is watering the plants in the park. 2) My eyes started watering.

  3. Noonday: the middle of the day Example sentences: 1) I like to take a nap in the noonday sun. 2) The noonday sun burnt my eyes.

  4. Boots: footwear that covers the whole foot and lower leg Example sentences: 1) I do not feel comfortable walking in boots. 2) She likes to wear brown boots with her white dress.

  5.  Soak: to make something wet by dipping it Example sentences: 1) Soak the beans overnight in water. 2) Soak her feet in warm water.

  6.  Heat: high temperature Example sentences: 1) It is difficult to bear the heat in summers. 2) Heat the water on the stove.

Concept: Poetry (Class 4)
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Chapter 7.1: A Watering Rhyme - A Watering Rhyme [Page 115]


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Chapter 7.1 A Watering Rhyme
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