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New words butterfly, myna, fish, kangaroo, octopus - English

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Answer in Brief

New words

butterfly, myna, fish, kangaroo, octopus

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  • Butterfly: an insect with bright-colored wings
    Example sentences:
  1. I saw a red butterfly on my way to school.
  2. The butterfly sat on the nose of my dog.
  • Myna: an Asian bird with a loud voice
    Example sentences:
  1. myna was sitting on a banyan tree.
  2. Myna was perching on the top of our building.
  • Fish: an aquatic animal with gills and fins
    Example sentences:
  1. This lake does not have any fish in it.
  2. A fish can give millions of eggs at a time.
  • Kangaroo: A herbivorous animal with a thick tail and hind legs
    Example sentences:
  1. Kangaroos carry their babies in their pouch.
  2. Kangaroos are very friendly.
  • Octopus: an aquatic animal with a soft oval body with long eight arms
    Example sentences:
  1. We have a fresh grilled octopus on our menu.
  2. Octopus can do their work very quickly.
Concept: I Am Lucky!
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NCERT English - Marigold Class 2 CBSE
Chapter 3 I am Lucky!
I am Lucky! | Q 1 | Page 21
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