Neha, a Dietician by Profession, Reads this Article and Decides to Revamp Her Offerings Based on It. Which of the Following Will Be in Line with the Argument Presented in the Passage? - Logical Reasoning


Read the following passage and answer the question that follows:

We are bombarded with misguided advertisements that give advice on healthy-eating, and this has had the effect of making food seem hugely complicated. People are demoralized because they are trying to follow this advice, yet they are getting fatter and fatter. For lots of people, food has become a minefield of dos and don’ts and a relaxed appreciation of the pleasures of eating has got a bit lost along the way. In fact, eating well is simple when you apply a few fundamental principles.

Neha, a dietician by profession, reads this article and decides to revamp her offerings based on it. Which of the following will be in line with the argument presented in the passage?


  • A comprehensive diet plan that focusses on managing daily dietary intake of various food groups.

  • A seminar that discusses the pros and cons of the most popular diets in the market.

  • A diet plan along the lines of the one followed by Ms. Tamara-the country’s current top model who is famous for her exotic food choices.

  • A comparative analysis of the superfoods trending right now, especially those that are rare and difficult to source.



A comprehensive diet plan that focusses on managing daily dietary intake of various food groups.


The passage clearly states that eating well is simply a process of applying a few basic principles. Thus, any focus on superfoods or trending diets or exotic food items will prove contrary to the idea discussed. Hence, Neha should focus on developing a diet plan that emphasizes on eating properly and one that talks about the normal food habits of people.

Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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