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Social Science: Minerals and Energy Resources - Types of Power Resources -conventional

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Explain the pro active approach adopted by the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) for preserving the natural environment and resources.

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National Thermal Power Corporation is a major power providing corporation in India. The corporation has taken many steps to preserve the natural environment and resources in India such as:

i. NTPC has been using the latest techniques and has upgraded its existing equipments. This has helped in reducing wastage of many resources.

ii. It has been able to minimise the generation of waste materials by maximising the utilisation of ash.

iii. It has been making efforts to reduce environmental pollution by liquid waste management and ash water recycling systems.

iv. NTPC also supervises and reviews ecological parameters of the surrounding areas where its power stations are located.

v. It has laid down green belts to maintain ecological balance in the regions surrounding its power stations.

Concept: Types of Power Resources -conventional
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