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Naresh Bought a Bicycle Each for His Two Sons, Each Bicycle Priced at Rs. 3500. If the First Bicycle is Sold at a Profit of 5%, How Much Should the Other Bicycle Be Sold For, to Gain - Mathematics



Naresh bought a bicycle each for his two sons, each bicycle priced at Rs. 3500. If the first bicycle is sold at a profit of 5%, how much should the other bicycle be sold for, to gain a total of 20% on both? 


  • 15%

  • 10%

  • 25%

  • 35%




The total cost price of two bicycle = 3500 × 2 = 7000

Seling price to get a 20% profit on both


The selling price of the first bicycle on a profit of 5%


The required selling price of the second bicycle

= 8400 − 3675 = 4725

Profi = 4725 − 3500 = 1225

Profit % `=1225/2500xx100` = 35%

Concept: Profit and Loss (Entrance Exam)
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