Social Science: Livelihoods, Economies and Societies - Age of Industrialization - Life of Workers


“Napoleon had destroyed democracy in France but in the administrative field he had incorporated revolutionary principles in order to make the whole system more rational and efficient.” Analyse the statement with agreements.



Although Napoleon destroyed democracy in France, he introduced some progressive reforms in the country to make the administrative system more rational and efficient. This was achieved by introducing and implementing the following measures:

  • He introduced the Civil Code or the Napoleonic Code which established equality before law and secured the right to property. The privileges based on birth were also abolished. This Code was also applied to all those territories which were conquered by Napoleon.
  • He abolished the feudal system and liberated the peasants from serfdom and manorial dues.
  • In towns and cities, restrictions imposed on guilds were removed.
  • Means of transport and communication were improved.
  • Weights and measures were standardised and a common national currency was introduced. This benefited trades, merchants and businessmen.
Concept: Age of Industrialization - Life of Workers
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