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Name the Varieties of Alluvial Soils. Where Are They Found? - Geography

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Name the varieties of Alluvial Soils. Where are they found?

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Alluvial Soils are of two varieties: Bhangar and Khadar.
‘Bhangar’ is older alluvium. It is found usually higher up in the plains, and occurs at river terraces away from the river. It is found in massive beds, and is characterized by calcareous clays. It is light grey and less fertile. ‘Khadar’ is newer alluvium. It occurs in the lower levels near the river, and is mainly clay loamy. Its new layers are deposited year after year during the season of monsoon floods.

Concept: Types of Soil
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 Geography
Chapter 4 Soils in India
Long Questions | Q 4
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