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Name Two Safety Measures Commonly Used in Electric Circuits and Appliances. - Science

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Short Note

Name safety measures commonly used in electric circuits and appliances.

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Following safety measures should be followed while using electricity :

  1. Wires carrying electricity should not be touched bare footed.
  2. While working with electricity, one must wear gloves made up of insulated material and rubber sole shoes. 
  3. The insulation of the wire must be checked periodically.
  4. The electrical appliances must be earthed.
  5. The electric circuits should be switched off during lighting.
  6. An electric fuse is a very safety device. Electric fuse of proper rating should be used to stop the flow of excess electric current and to solve save the electrical appliances.
  7. For avoiding overloading, many appliances should not be connected at a time in the circuit.
Concept: Household Electrical Circuits
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NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 13 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Q 1 | Page 238

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