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Name Two Important Trees Each of the Srinagar Valley in Kashmir and the Dandakaranya’ Region in South India, - Geography

Short Note

Name two important trees each of the Srinagar Valley in Kashmir and the Dandakaranya’ region in South India, indicating their commercial importance.

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Srinagar Valley: Chennar and Silver Fir. They are soft-wooded trees. Chennar is known for its vastness like the Banyan in the Gangetic Plain. Silver Fir is soft-wooded and is used in packing cases.
Dandakaranya: Teak and Sal. These are hard-wooded trees known for their durability. Teak is used in construction work and furniture. Sal is used in railway sleepers.

Concept: Importance of Forests
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 Geography
Chapter 5 Natural Vegetation of India
Short Questions | Q 12
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