Name two examples of aerial habitat animals. - Science

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Name two examples of aerial habitat animals.



  1. Birds

  2. Mosquitoes

Concept: Habitat and Its Types
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 Put a tick mark (✓ ) against the correct alternative in the following statements:

The biotic components of environment includes:

 Put a tick mark (✓ ) against the correct alternative in the following statements:

 Diversity of organisms are found in the different habitats because of different for 

List any four abiotic factors which affect different living beings

Briefly explain the term “Habitat”.

Define the following: habitat

List the environmental factors that influence a habitat.

Complete the table given below. Write down two points in each given column

Habitat Environmental Factors Adaptations
Plants Animals
Aquatic habitat      
Mountain habitat      
Desert habitat      

Name a common thing in all fishes.

Name the animal which is called the ship of desert.

Name the types of components of habitat.

Give two examples of abiotic components.

Name some aquatic habitats.

What are the differences in the desert and sea regions?

How are camels adapted to live in desert?

Pond is an example of ______ ecosystem.

Earth's surface is covered by _____% of water.

Mountain is an example of freshwater habitat.

Define the term habitat.

Distinguish between terrestrial and aquatic habitats.

Complete the map by filling in the blanks.

Water bodies, deserts, mountains are called ______.

Write the adaptive features of polar bear and penguin.

What is the place where a particular organism lives called?

Which of the following is a modification of mammals from colder climates, according to Allen's Rule?

An aquatic plant, native to South America was introduced in India for its beautiful, large purple and violet flowers but has become the most problematic weed is ______.

______ is the longest river in the world.

The ______ forest in South America produces half of the world’s oxygen supply.

Marine plants perform about ______ of all photosynthesis that occurs on the planet.

Complete the given analogy.

Water lily: Freshwater habitat
Marine Algae: ______.

List the characters of aquatic plants.

Arrange in the correct sequence.

Sea – Lake – River – Pond

Write about Desert Habitat.

Jurong Birds Park is located in ______.

Polar bear and penguins dwell in ______. 

Which of the following has the strongest stem?

Using the following words, write the habitat of each animal given in Fig

Grassland, Mountain, desert, Pond, River

Classify the following habitats into terrestrial and aquatic types.

Grassland, Pond, Ocean, Rice Field.

Plants and animals that live on land are said to live in ______ habitats.

Water is significant molecule that connects physical world with biological process. Justify.


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