Name two aquatic animals which have no gills. - Science

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Name two aquatic animals which have no gills.



Dolphin and whales.

Concept: Habitat and Its Types
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 Put a tick mark (✓ ) against the correct alternative in the following statements:

The biotic components of environment includes:

 Put a tick mark (✓ ) against the correct alternative in the following statements:

 Diversity of organisms are found in the different habitats because of different for 

List any four abiotic factors which affect different living beings

Briefly explain the term “Habitat”.

Define the following: habitat

List the environmental factors that influence a habitat.

Complete the table given below. Write down two points in each given column

Habitat Environmental Factors Adaptations
Plants Animals
Aquatic habitat      
Mountain habitat      
Desert habitat      

Name a few habitats.

 Name two organisms that live in deserts.

Name a few plants that live in ponds.

Give two examples of abiotic components.

What are blowholes?

Explain the features of fish which help it to adapt to live in water.

Write the features of desert plants.

Very Short Answer Type Question:
Name various types of habitat.

The driest places on the Earth are _____.

Mountain is an example of freshwater habitat.

Define the term habitat.

Which animal has the special organs of breathing called gills?

Where can we see camels in India?

Write the adaptive features of polar bear and penguin.

What is the place where a particular organism lives called?

Which of the following is a modification of mammals from colder climates, according to Allen's Rule?

An aquatic plant, native to South America was introduced in India for its beautiful, large purple and violet flowers but has become the most problematic weed is ______.

The habitats of plants and animals that live in water are called ______ habitat.

World habitat day is observed on the first Monday of ______.

Length of Nile river is ______.

The first land plants are ______.

The ______ forest in South America produces half of the world’s oxygen supply.

The longest river in India is the Ganges river.

______ are free-floating Algae.

______ desert is called as Great Indian desert.

List the characters of aquatic plants.

Arrange in the correct sequence.

Sea – Lake – River – Pond

Jurong Birds Park is located in ______.

Complete the given analogy.

Fish: Water:: Elephant: ______.

Polar bear and penguins dwell in ______. 

Which of the following has the strongest stem?

Saline water, hot air, and sand are ______ components of a habitat.

Water is significant molecule that connects physical world with biological process. Justify.


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