Name the Policy Released by the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation on Biometric-based Digital Processing of Passengers at Airports as Part of the Initiative that Seeks to Promote Paperless and Hassle - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


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Name the policy released by the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation on biometric-based digital processing of passengers at airports as part of the initiative that seeks to promote paperless and hassle-free air travel.


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Concept: Economic Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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In a major relief to micro, small and medium enterprises, the GST Council has recently increased the tax exemption limit per annum to:

Choose the most appropriate option.
The Happiness Index Department or a Wing has been established in the states of:

Mark the best option:
Which Indian company has become the first-ever Indian quasi-sovereign to issue a Masala bond on London Stock Exchange(LSE)?

Choose the appropriate alternative:
Which country joined as the eighth member of the South Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) in February 2017?

Mark the best option:
The 12th G-20 Summit (2017) is proposed to be held in

European Union (EU) decided to cooperate on Digital communications, Digital economy, and society along with this country.

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The Government of India (GoI) has recently signed a white shipping agreement with which country?

Which e-commerce company has made its maiden entry in the Thomson Reuters top 100 Global Innovators list 2015?

Choose the appropriate alternative.
How many banks have merged with SBI with effect from October 2017?

If RBI lowers the Cash Reserve Ratio (CAR), then

  1. supply of money in the economy may increase.
  2. banks will increase interest rates.
  3. exports will become cheaper.

A hedge fund is a fund

The practice of selling goods in a foreign country at a price  below their domestic selling price is called

Plea bargaining is

The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act was repealed by:

What is the meaning of ‘Gilt Edged Market’?

Excess of the money supply as compared to the supply of goods results in

Which of the following currency exchange rate mechanisms has been adopted by India?

In 2012-13, India's target is to restrict the fiscal deficit to x%  of the GDP, where x is:

The foreign exchange reserves of India include

Which of the following statements is/are not true  regarding Credit Rating Agencies (CRA) in India?

I. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (CRA)  Regulations, 1999 empower SEBI to regulate CRAs  operating in India. 
II. All the credit agencies need to be registered with  SEBI in order to operate in India. 
III. There are several Indian Credit Rating Agencies, viz.  CRISIL, ICRA, CARE, India Ratings and Research,  SMERA, Infomerics and Brickworks, Moody, Fitch.  
IV. CRAs help strengthening of primary market by  increasing borrower pool. 

Which of the following books was written by James Mill, a Scottish economist, in 1817?

______ is a type of fraud where a small electronic device is used to steal debit/credit card information during an authorized banking transaction.

Which of the following best represents the concept of Net Domestic Product (NOP)?

ln which year was the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Bank (NABARD) established?

In which of the following years was the Reserve Bank of India nationalised?

Which two banks were merged with Bank of Baroda with effect from 1st April 2019?

In the First Five Year Plan ______, the Government of India sought to get the country's economy out of the cycle of poverty.

Which country is hosting the World Sustainable Development Summit 2022?

The currency of which of this country is NOT Euro?

What is the full foam of IFFCO?


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